Is Decorative Concrete A Good Business?

With new and easier to use products, a quick learning curve, training readily available, huge demand, along with it being the fastest area of growth in the concrete industry, decorative concrete has a lot to offer, it may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. (if you get in early!)

Are you handy with basic tools? Do you have good people skills? Do you get satisfaction and enjoyment by seeing the results of your work in 2-3 days? Do you like working with decor, color and decorative finishes?

If you have answered yes to the above, then a career in decorative concrete may be for you!

Here are some frequently asked question’s (FAQ’s) about the Decorative Concrete industry.

Do I have to know about concrete finishing and placement?
NO! Most decorative concrete work only requires you to add a decorative touch or finish to an already existing slab. Unless you decide to get into stamped concrete and driveways.

Do I need a large investment into tools and supplies?
NO! Most decorative concrete professionals start with basic tools, and use the deposit payment from their jobs to buy the products, supplies and tools necessary.

Do I need to be Certified?
NO. not necessarily! Decorative concrete as a whole does not require certification, anyone can learn and install decorative concrete. Although some states may require that you have a contractors license. As well some companies will offer in house training and certification to their applicators as an added benefit and quality control measure as part of their business strategy to maintain consistency and quality control.

How long does it take to learn Decorative Concrete?
Most manufacturers and trainers teach the basics in only 1-3 days. And then it is up to you to refine your skills and specialties on your own time as you grow and expand your business.

What kind of money can I make?
Prices often reflect the companies experience and abilities and products used, but it is common to make more on one job than many make in a month of working for someone else.

What are the the downsides to Decorative Concrete?
If you specialize in exterior finishes than winters in some climates are slow, and when good weather comes it can be overwhelming. Also decorative concrete requires hard work and being on site, if you want to sit behind a desk it isn’t for you.

What type of people choose to use decorative concrete for their home or business?
With the products and systems available there are entry level systems designed for the price conscious as well as premium finishes for the higher end customer that simply want the best, and then, there’s everything in between.