Choosing a Foundation For a Building or Structure

How to choose the right foundation for your building or structure. When it comes time to construct a shed, guest house, or cabin it is vital to have a solid foundation.  Although some structures can sit atop the ground and their weight will hold them in place, it is a concrete foundation that will ensure … Read more

Basement Floor Renovation Methods

Basement floors and what to expect A basement renovation and especially its floor is one area that really needs to be thought out well before making a decision. As we all know, gravity could be one of our worst enemies when it comes to a basement floor. Any leak in the house or moisture problem … Read more

How To Protect Concrete During Construction

Protecting your Decorative Concrete Finish during construction Once a decorative concrete finish has been installed, there is sometimes more construction work that needs to be done around the area. Whether its a decorative concrete countertop, beautiful acid stain concrete floor or even a new epoxy coating or finish in a garage. Your decorative concrete contractor … Read more

Hottest new trend in pool coping design

When it comes to helping your pool stand out amongst the commonplace, the difference is in the details. One of the most important elements in your overall pool design is your coping – it’s not only structurally significant, it’s also a way of adding visual impact.

The latest in pool design is similar to that of an undermounted sink, where the edge cantilevers over the basin making it continuous and seamless.  This look is trending as a premium finish and latest design choice.  The look is a continuous concrete decking that takes your deck right up to the very edge of your pool and even slightly overlapping allowing for water to easily flow back into the swimming pool.

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What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Concrete’s internal beauty shows through with an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finish. Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a commonly used method of creating a designer, decorative and classic finish around a pool deck, on driveways, patios and walkways. There are a few different ways of creating an exposed aggregate finish in concrete. The 3 most common ways … Read more

Concrete Overlay FAQ’s

Do I have to jackhammer out my existing concrete? NO!!! Can you resurface my deteriorated concrete? Concrete contractors are able to restore the surface of pitted, cracked and deteriorated concrete. Typical repair is 1/8″ thick over the entire surface and can be finished with a smooth troweled surface or a conventional broom finished texture. Above … Read more