Concrete Countertop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Countertops. Q. What are my color choices with Concrete Countertops? A. Like anything cement based, your options are endless. Cement comes in either a white or grey base and can have color added into the mix as well as to the surface of the hardened concrete. From white … Read more

Pre Cast vs Pour in Place Concrete Countertops

To pour or not to pour ‘in place’ that is the question? To difference between a pre-cast concrete countertop vs a cast in place concrete countertop is quite simple. Pre-Cast: A concrete countertop that has been manufactured off site and transported as a finished product to then be placed and installed. Cast in place: A … Read more

What Are GFRC Concrete Countertops?

GFRC or Glass-fiber reinforced concrete In a nutshell, GFRC is a super strong concrete that has been infused with a glass fiber composite that makes the end product stronger, and gives it more flexural strength. It reinforces the concrete while dramatically increasing its load-bearing capacity over a typical concrete mix. When used correctly GFRC can … Read more

What To Expect When Choosing Concrete For Countertops?

What can you expect when choosing Concrete as a countertop material? So you’re considering concrete a possible material for your countertop or vanity? This should give you a better understanding of what you can expect, how it looks, feels and reacts as a functional surface. First off, a concrete countertop is no big mystery it … Read more

Concrete Countertop Ideas

Customized Ideas for Creating Beautiful Concrete Countertops There is a plethora of customized ideas when installing concrete countertops in a home, office or commercial property. Many owners choose to install concrete countertops in bathrooms, kitchens, indoor bars, or outdoor eating areas. It offers a durable an aesthetically pleasing solution that is the ideal option for … Read more

Bar Tops Made With GFRC

If you’re considering a bar for your home or business, you’ll face a lot of choices when you consider your options. One of the most important ones will be the material you choose. It may come as a surprise, but some of the nicest bars out there are made from concrete. More specifically, the very … Read more