Can You Put New Concrete Over Old Concrete?

Can You Put New Concrete Over Old Concrete

With regular maintenance and care, concrete can last for many years, but eventually, it will wear out. When it does, you either have to repair it or replace it. Many people consider adding a new layer rather than digging it up and starting again, but can you pour new concrete over old concrete? Our guide … Read more

How to Remove Tire Shine from a Concrete Driveway

How to Remove Tire Shine from Concrete Driveway

Are unsightly tire marks or tire shine residue on your driveway detracting from your house’s curb appeal? Whilst tire dressing is great for restoring faded black rubber on your wheels, you don’t necessarily want it on your concrete driveway. Tire scuffs and burnout marks are other common driveway marks that happen when the wheels of … Read more

Can Knotweed Grow Through Concrete?

can japanese knotweed grow through concrete?

Weeds are invasive at the best of times. They can work their way through the tiniest cracks. This is usually not a problem, but Japanese Knotweed is a bit different. Japanese knotweed can be hugely disruptive, and can cause all sorts of problems for structures, but is it true that can knotweed grow through concrete? … Read more

Can You Pour a Concrete Slab Over Grass?

concrete slab over grass

Are you considering laying a patio for a shed or walkway that you’ve always wanted to make your outdoor space more practical and reduce the amount of mowing required in your backyard? Inexpensive, versatile and easy to pour, concrete will last you for many years and is low maintenance. But can you pour a concrete … Read more

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Concrete Patio?

brushed concrete patio

So, you’ve decided you want to build yourself a great new concrete patio. You’re starting to get excited. Then someone says those dreaded words, ‘do you need a permit to build a concrete patio?’ Usually, this is the point where everyone looks at each other blankly and someone brings up Google on their phone. Sound … Read more