Choosing a Foundation For a Building or Structure

How to choose the right foundation for your building or structure. When it comes time to construct a shed, guest house, or cabin it is vital to have a solid foundation.  Although some structures can sit atop the ground and their weight will hold them in place, it is a concrete foundation that will ensure … Read more

How To Protect Concrete During Construction

Protecting your Decorative Concrete Finish during construction Once a decorative concrete finish has been installed, there is sometimes more construction work that needs to be done around the area. Whether its a decorative concrete countertop, beautiful acid stain concrete floor or even a new epoxy coating or finish in a garage. Your decorative concrete contractor … Read more

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Concrete’s internal beauty shows through with an Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finish. Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a commonly used method of creating a designer, decorative and classic finish around a pool deck, on driveways, patios and walkways. There are a few different ways of creating an exposed aggregate finish in concrete. The 3 most common ways … Read more

Types of Grinding and Polishing Equipment

Floor Grinding, Polishing and Honing When a floor needs to be cleaned, ground, or polished either for a final finish or perhaps preparing it for upcoming color or resurfacing systems, large walk behind or ride aboard concrete grinding or polishing equipment is used. Either with a wet or dry polishing system, diamonds of different shapes … Read more

Designing With Diamond Polished Concrete

Although by now we know polished concrete is extremely durable. We might now ask what are the design options? Based on your situation here are some options: Option 1: There is already concrete poured. Option 2: No concrete has been poured. Option 1: There is already concrete poured. If concrete is already poured or perhaps … Read more

How To Diamond Polish a Concrete Surface

Prepare the concrete surface Preparation can include but is not limited to sweeping, cleaning, crack repair, patching, leveling and hardening soft or deleterious concrete areas, normally found on old or weakened concrete. Diamond Polishing The actual process of polishing using industrial diamond pads or disks starts by using a coarse grit diamond and progressively going … Read more