Basement Floor Renovation Methods

Basement floors and what to expect A basement renovation and especially its floor is one area that really needs to be thought out well before making a decision. As we all know, gravity could be one of our worst enemies when it comes to a basement floor. Any leak in the house or moisture problem … Read more

Concrete Overlay FAQ’s

Do I have to jackhammer out my existing concrete? NO!!! Can you resurface my deteriorated concrete? Concrete contractors are able to restore the surface of pitted, cracked and deteriorated concrete. Typical repair is 1/8″ thick over the entire surface and can be finished with a smooth troweled surface or a conventional broom finished texture. Above … Read more

Is Stamped Concrete Good For Restaurants?

Stamped Concrete is commonly used for residential patios, floors, walkways, driveways, and more. However, it is an excellent choice for commercial businesses, including restaurants. In fact, because of the benefits that concrete provides, this type of flooring is found in some of the country‚Äôs best-known restaurant chains. Regardless if you are designing a new restaurant … Read more

Is Decorative Concrete A Good Business?

With new and easier to use products, a quick learning curve, training readily available, huge demand, along with it being the fastest area of growth in the concrete industry, decorative concrete has a lot to offer, it may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. (if you get in early!) Are you handy with basic … Read more

What is Stenciled Concrete?

Stenciled Concrete It is easy to be fooled by stenciled concrete. The recently developed materials and processes make it nearly impossible to differentiate a stenciled slab from actual masonry work. The stencils are made with heavy-duty professional paper and come in rolls of up to 1,000 square feet. They are cut into matrix patterns and … Read more

Basement Flooring Options

Options for Basement Floors The best option for basement floors is a stained and sealed floor or resurfaced with a concrete overlay.   As I write I am siting in my beautifully built out basement office . My floor is wall to wall carpet which was installed 10 years ago before most people had ever … Read more