Types of Garage Coatings & Epoxy Sealers

Garage Coatings and Epoxy Sealers A garage is not just for oil stains and old boxes. It is becoming an extension of the home. Clean, organized and usable space is what todays modern garages have become. It is the functional, easy to maintain, and light reflective garage floor coatings that are leading the way and … Read more

How To Install an Epoxy Garage Flake System

The basic premise behind a color flake epoxy system is to create a random speckled pattern of multiple flake colors giving an overall uniform appearance but without the consistent monotone effect of a painted or single color. This helps in hiding small debris, dirt, chips or dust which may end up on the floor. The … Read more

What is Polyurea Floor Coating?

Polyurea Coatings Polyurea protective coatings are widely used because of the following properties: Excellent Abrasion Resistance Corrosion Resistance Waterproofability Chemical, Environment or Atmospheric Resistance Decorative enhancement Fast Cure Times: For decades, traditional materials such as paints, epoxies, urethanes, polyurethanes, and acrylics have all been used to perform these various types of protective coating applications.  Polyurea … Read more

Types of Concrete Coatings and Sealants

After any decorative installation interior or exterior it is always recommended that a sealer or coating be installed. Sealants and coatings are surface applied systems that are designed to seal, protect, and beautify the concrete’s surface. Sealers are generally classified as protectants that penetrate the surface of the concrete whereas Coatings remain on the surface … Read more

What is Polyaspartic Coating?

What is Polyaspartic Coating Technology? The chemistry of polyaspartic coatings was first introduced in the early 1990s. It is based on the reaction of an aliphatic polyisocyanate and a polyaspartic ester, which is an aliphatic diamine. This technology was initially used in conventional two-component polyurethane solvent-borne coating formulations because the polyaspartic esters are excellent reactive … Read more

Garage Floor Epoxy Systems

Garage floor coating systems come in wide range of colors and finishes. There are the basic entry-level systems common in track homes and spec properties. As well as the high-end commercial grade systems commonly found in the more discerning or custom-built homes. Regardless of the quality factor the basic ingredients are similar. Garage coatings usually … Read more