Hottest new trend in pool coping design

When it comes to helping your pool stand out amongst the commonplace, the difference is in the details. One of the most important elements in your overall pool design is your coping – it’s not only structurally significant, it’s also a way of adding visual impact.

The latest in pool design is similar to that of an undermounted sink, where the edge cantilevers over the basin making it continuous and seamless.  This look is trending as a premium finish and latest design choice.  The look is a continuous concrete decking that takes your deck right up to the very edge of your pool and even slightly overlapping allowing for water to easily flow back into the swimming pool.

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Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers

 The advantages of Stamped Concrete over Brick, Stone and Pavers Brick, concrete pavers, and cobblestones can look incredible, but their inherent flaw is that the surface is created with many interlocking pieces and causes them to be susceptible to frost-heave, and can cause them to lift, sink and become displaced over the course of the … Read more

Tips for Concreting in Cold Weather

Concreting in Cold Weather What You Should Know Concrete and cold weather are not the best of friends. If concrete freezes before it gains strength, then it can be damaged. And when concrete sets in cold weather, the hydration reaction can be halted, which results in concrete that does not have sufficient strength.Keep in mind, … Read more

Concrete Patio Design Options

Options for backyard concrete patios To create an area to read, lounge, cook, entertain, decorate and simply get away. A concrete patio is just the beginning of what could become your favorite room outside the house. A Concrete patio is the foundation of things to come. Creating this template on which you will build your … Read more

Landscape Border Cost

Continuous Concrete Landscape Borders Pricing Concrete yard edging is a cost effective way to divide your yard from any number of obstacles or features. A concrete border keeps your mulch in and your grass out. Average cost of a Cement landscape edge or border is approximately $3-6 per linear foot. Prices will vary based on … Read more

Concrete Paver FAQ’s

Interlocking Concrete Pavers Q: What are the components of an interlocking concrete pavement? A: The components include a base, bedding sand, concrete pavers with sand in their joints, and an edge restraint to contain the pavers at the perimeter. Q: What is the base made of? What kind should be used? A: The base is … Read more