Do I Need a Permit to Build a Concrete Patio?

So, you’ve decided you want to build yourself a great new concrete patio. You’re starting to get excited. Then someone says those dreaded words, ‘do you need a permit to build a concrete patio?’

Usually, this is the point where everyone looks at each other blankly and someone brings up Google on their phone. Sound familiar?

Assuming you’re here to find a quick answer to that question, let’s get right to it.

Do I Need a Building Permit for a Concrete Patio?

In most cases, no. Though it does vary based on local land zoning regulations, the vast majority of on-grade patios (whatever material they are made of) will not require a building permit. The key factors that may mean you need a permit are; the local size limit for patios, local restrictions on development, environmental protection zones or excavation concerns.

brushed concrete patio
brushing a concrete patio

Is a Concrete Patio More Likely to Need a Permit than a Deck?

No, building permits are usually related to the dimensions of the finished patio or other external factors, such as whether you live in an environmental protection zone. As neither a concrete patio or deck would alter the house itself, they would usually not require a permit at all. The one exception where a concrete patio may require a permit where a wooden deck may not is if there were excavation concerns.

How Big Can Our Concrete Patio be Before it Needs a Permit?

In most cases, the key measurement in dictating whether you need a permit or not is the height. In most cases, anything less than 30 inches from the ground will mean you do not need a permit. However, you should check this with your local authority, as some differ.

Unless you are planning an extremely large concrete patio, it’s unlikely that the length and width will present you with any building permit problems. However, again, you should double-check this with your local authority to check that what you have planned meets all local regulations.

building a cement patio
building a concrete patio

Do You Need a Permit to Pour Concrete?

You do not need a permit to use concrete at home. The project itself may require a permit, but this will not usually relate to the fact that you are using concrete as a primary material in the project. It’s far more likely to relate to the nature and dimensions of your project.

If you are looking to pour a large amount of concrete for your concrete patio, it may be worth considering using a concrete contractor to complete the work.

A concrete patio is a great project that can add a huge amount of value to your home. As we’ve said, in most cases, concrete patios don’t require a building permit, but you should always check with your local authority before starting work, just to make sure your plans fit within the local planning regulations.