Z Ultra SI-The Most Groundbreaking Concrete Sealer

Concrete countertops can offer both beauty and functionality, but it is important to make sure they are sealed with the right concrete countertop sealer.  To complete a concrete countertop project and ensure a lasting finish, use a commercial grade top quality concrete countertop sealer.  Z Ultra SI is considered one of the most groundbreaking concrete sealers in the industry. In the past, water-based concrete sealers were typically considered secondary to solvent-based sealers. Among the biggest drawbacks of such sealers were the ability to enhance the surface and coat ability. Making the situation even more complex are the strict VOC limits enacted by most states. Newer solvents with lower VOCs are typically far less user-friendly and often cause numerous issues in terms of improper curing and blistering.

Why Ultra SI Is Revolutionary

Ultra SI is unique in that it is the first water-based decorative concrete countertop sealer that is able to wet out and enhance the surface. This distinctive product features the many excellent characteristics associated with regular solvent-based sealers without imparting any of the less desirable characteristics. Depending on the porosity of the concrete, this sealer provides a coverage of up to 75 square feet per quart on the first application. In many cases, a single coat is all that is required. All that is needed for cleanup is water, and this concrete countertop sealer will dry within about an hour and offer full curing within 24 hours.

Along with demonstrating better coverage than acrylics, Ultra SI also offers increased durability, superior chemical resistance, and high heat resistance. Furthermore, it demonstrates incredible UV resistance. It should be noted that depending on the porosity of the concrete, Ultra SI will darken the color of the concrete. When applied correctly, you never have to worry about Ultra SI peeling in the same way that a traditional sealer would.