How to Clean Concrete Countertops

Effective Steps to Cleaning Countertops Fabricated Out Of Concrete
The first step in learning how to clean a concrete countertop is in understanding what to avoid. Never use any type of abrasive cleansers on the surface of a concrete countertop. It is highly recommended to always use a non-abrasive, mild soap that has non-ammonia properties for traditional daily cleaning. The ideal solution is a mixture of warm water with a neutral pH cleanser.

Overall, a concrete countertop is very durable and nearly impossible to destroy or stain. However, the sealants that are used to coat the surface of the concrete countertop are typically highly susceptible to etching and staining. Because of that, there are a variety of easy solutions that are available for cleaning the surface of the concrete countertop.

Speed Counts
It is important to clean up any spill on the concrete countertop immediately to avoid staining. Usually, using pH balanced soap with warm water is best. Simply dip a clean rag in the water solution and quickly wipe away any of the stain or spill before it has a chance to penetrate into the surface of the concrete. Using a clean rag, rinse the area thoroughly to ensure all of the stain solution has been eradicated from the area.

Other Substances
If the concrete surface has been exposed to an oil-based stain, cat litter is often effective at absorbing the stain. Place it directly on the countertop over the area that has been stained and allow at least one hour for the entire absorption process to be completed. The high absorbency of the cat litter has the ability to leach the penetrated oil from the pores of the countertop. Simply remove the absorbing cat litter. Follow that up by cleaning the area with a clean wet rag.

pH Neutral Cleaners
Using an effective pH neutral cleaner is an ideal solution for minimizing stains and spills on a concrete countertop. The rag or wipe used in the process should be soft enough as to not scratch the surface of the concrete countertop. Many available clear wipes that have pH neutral chemicals also contain a sealing agent which is designed to safeguard the countertop from any potential future stain.

Acid Stains
Anytime an acidic type stain comes in direct contact with the concrete surface, it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Even though the concrete is a strong, durable surface, without a proper sealant, the pores on the surface layer can quickly absorb the stain. Citrus juices and other highly acidic products can cause significant staining to the surface if not properly treated.

The process is simple. It starts with a solution of water and mild soap. After allowing the area to dry completely, a fine grade of grit sandpaper can be gently sanded over the area to remove most of the staining from the porous surface. Next, allow the surface to dry completely once again, and then apply a concrete sealer.

It is imperative to always avoid using any type of cleaning product that contains ammonia or bleach when cleaning a concrete countertop. These tend to quickly weaken the sealant making the countertop highly susceptible to staining.