What Are Rubber Concrete Stamps?

If you have a surface you intend to cover in concrete, you may be wondering if there’s a way to spice up its aesthetic appeal a bit. And while you can always add interesting furniture, mats or rugs, these really just mask the floor instead of adding any appeal to the concrete itself. One of the best options to give you the results you want are rubber concrete stamps. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they can help.

Rubber Concrete Stamps

When you were a kid, did you ever come across drying concrete? Possibly, it was being used to make a sidewalk. If you were like many children, you took the opportunity to write your name so that when it dried, you’d be immortalized.

That’s the basic idea behind rubber concrete stamps. While it’s a simple one, the results can often be extravagant and even the simplest ones are a step above the ordinary look of plain concrete.

Types of Rubber Concrete Stamps

There are a number of different stamp types at your disposal. The practice itself has been around for roughly 60 years, meaning there are actually countless options. But the last decade or so is when stamping concrete really took off. In that time stamps went from fairly basic, almost geometric designs to just about anything you can imagine.

Rubber stamps can be used to make concrete resemble all sorts of other materials. Popular options have always been stamps that make concrete appear as though it was brick or stone. But today, you can use stamps to imitate hardwood floors, tile, cobble stones, pebbles and much more.


One of the many reasons rubber concrete stamps are so popular is because they can save homeowners so much money. Consider some of the above options stamps can mimic. Most of those would cost at least twice as much to have the genuine article installed. Pouring concrete and throwing a rubber stamp over it is quite affordable by comparison.

Stamps are easy enough to find online, but a word of caution, however: this task should only be taken on by people experienced in working with concrete. The manual labor involved will be demanding and it’s vital that you do not mess up your design or you’ll be stuck with an eyesore frozen in concrete.

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