Bar Tops Made With GFRC

If you’re considering a bar for your home or business, you’ll face a lot of choices when you consider your options. One of the most important ones will be the material you choose. It may come as a surprise, but some of the nicest bars out there are made from concrete. More specifically, the very best are made with GFRC.

GFRC is a type of concrete, It stands for “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. As you can probably guess, it consists of cement, water, aggregate, glass fiber and other additives. The glass fiber actually reinforces the concrete from within, just like steels bars do with traditional construction. This reinforcement gives GFRC a much greater degree of flexural strength than typical concrete. So one of the many benefits is you can use GFRC in much thinner applications while still receiving the benefits of concrete.

The main reason GFRC is so great for bars, then, is because you can come up with just about any shape or design possible and make it into a reality. There’s no way any other bar will be able to compare with yours when it’s custom made from concrete.

Your customers won’t take a good bar for granted, either. It’s as much about the character of the business and the patronage as it is a space for setting up and making drinks. So with GFRC, you can design a bar that perfectly matches your establishment’s overall personality.

At the moment, GFRC is really seeing a lot of fanfare. Many are just discovering it and using it for everything from home bars to bathrooms to retail space to outdoor living countertops. You may have even heard of GFRC referred to as “earthcrete.” While that’s a nice piece of marketing, the truth is that GFRC has been around for decades.