Types of Concrete Stamps

When it comes to decorative concrete supplies, concrete stamps will be among the most important resources to have at your disposal. The right patterned concrete mats can transform a plain concrete slap into a decorative floor or wall that mimics the appearance of even the most luxurious of materials. If you are new to the … Read more

Types of Decorative Concrete

THE MANY FACETS OF DECORATIVE CONCRETE Decorative Concrete Long gone are the boring days of slate gray concrete slabs as the only option for flooring, driveways, walkways and patios. Now there are numerous other options available to add a decorative touch to any residential home or commercial property using concrete. Traditional concrete can now be … Read more

Concrete Coating vs Sealing

When finishing a great concrete project it all comes down to the concrete sealer or concrete coating you decide to put on as the finish.  After having used the same sealer on multiple projects you develop a comfort level and understanding of how it reacts to the concrete. Someday however there will come a time … Read more

Types of Concrete Businesses

For the entrepreneur at heart and one who is wiling to get his/her hands a little dirty the decorative concrete industry has a lot to offer.

For a quick overview here are some characteristics often found in the concrete contractor and how you will need to be to Start a concrete business:   Optimistic, Committed, Bold, Creative, Problem Solver, Multi Task,  Hard Worker, Personable, and Self Motivated.

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Heat of Hydration of Concrete

The art of mixing and pouring concrete is, in fact, a science. The process by which cement, aggregates and water mix and form a new substance is a chemical process which has its own unique properties and products. The main product of the binding of cement and water is heat, which is given off during … Read more

7 Steps to a Successful Concrete Finish

Pouring and Placing a Concrete Slab When the concrete placement area is framed and firmly in place, it is ready to be filled with liquid concrete. However, pouring concrete only affords one time to get it right. There are numerous factors that must be considered and addressed before the concrete can be installed. This includes … Read more