What is Decorative Concrete?

The many Facets of Decorative Concrete Take a look at the inspiring finishes and designs now possible with this amazing material we call concrete! When you are ready to proceed with your project visit concreteideas.com online to find your local contractor. Decorative concrete has become the number one way to add a designer, custom, and … Read more

Types of Concrete Stamps

When it comes to decorative concrete supplies, concrete stamps will be among the most important resources to have at your disposal. The right patterned concrete mats can transform a plain concrete slap into a decorative floor or wall that mimics the appearance of even the most luxurious of materials. If you are new to the … Read more

Using an Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer For Counters

Why It’s Important to Use an Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer for Outdoor Counters Adding outdoor counters to your deck or patio is a wonderful way to expand your outdoor living space. If you plan to build the counters yourself, you’ll need high-quality concrete countertop products, including a concrete table sealer. Benefits of Concrete Table Sealers … Read more

Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer

Having indoor concrete countertops and tables properly sealed is always important, but it is especially critical for outdoor concrete surfaces. Whether for your home, bar, restaurant, or other types of business, you want to choose the best outdoor concrete table sealer, otherwise, outdoor concrete will experience premature wear and tear, not only from use but … Read more

Using a Release Agent for a Stamped Concrete Countertop

Building your own concrete countertops is a fun project, but it might be a little more challenging than you realize – especially if you want to create a custom finish or add a personalized touch. One method you might use to customize your countertops is adding a stamped pattern using a concrete release agent. Tips … Read more

Concrete Countertop Fabricators

The Benefits of Using Skilled Concrete Countertop Fabricators Concrete countertop fabricators usually specialize in a variety of fields of interior concrete design. They often are highly skilled at creating sinks, tables, and other pre-cast concrete products. They generally offer commercial and residential solutions. Countertops fabricated out of concrete continue to be one of the more … Read more