Types of Pool Coping

Your Options in Pool Coping Design If you have a large backyard, or even a small one, installing a swimming pool will not only increase the value of the home, but also lends an added dimension to the ways you can entertain guests and your own family. Nowadays swimming pool landscaping is very popular. In … Read more

What is a Pool Deck?

Concrete Pool Decking Traditional concrete pool decks are offered in a variety of finishes, including stamped concrete, tinted concrete, accent bands, exposed aggregate, complete with edging and expansion joints. As a cost-effective solution for maximizing the beauty and function of the pool deck, a concrete mixture can be poured in a variety of available colors. … Read more

Concrete Surface Retarders For Exposed Aggregate

Concrete Surface Retarder is a spray applied chemical surface retarder that delays the set of the surface of concrete to create exposed aggregate finishes. Surface Retarder is often a water soluble, easily sprayable, non-flammable liquid and should be V.O.C. compliant Set retarders are an economical, easy-to-use method for producing beautiful exposed aggregate concrete flatwork with … Read more

How To Install Stone Veneer Siding

The following is our collection of basic installation tips, tricks, advice and instructions to help you with your manufactured stone project. If there are other installation tips and advice you’d like to see us put online in the future, please contact us to let us know! Basic Helpful Tips * Apply your corners first, alternating … Read more

Pool Decks and Surround Finishes

Decorative concrete has grown in popularity and become the standard when it comes to pool deck design and pool surround makeovers. For new construction projects, integrally colored concrete is a very popular method used when pouring a foundation for a new pool surround. The color is added into the mix when placed. A wide variety … Read more

Types of Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate finish options An exposed aggregate finish can be any type of aggregate that is left exposed in the final surface of the concrete. Aggregate is just a fancy way of saying stone, pebble, rocks or sand. How to Create an Exposed aggregate concrete surface finish. 1. Standard exposed aggregate: Aggregate is mixed into … Read more