Swimming Pool Concrete Coping Tips

Even if you have already started using your swimming pool for the season, you want to take the time to make sure that your cantilevered concrete pool coping is in good shape. This edge of the pool gives everyone something to hold onto, letting you stay safe while swimming, but damage can occur for any … Read more

Why Saltwater Pool Deck Sealer Is a Necessity

The popularity of saltwater pools has increased dramatically. While there are a number of benefits associated with this type of pool compared to more conventional pools, there are also some special requirements for cleaning and maintenance. One of these is that the pool deck must be properly sealed. Challenges of a Saltwater Pool The salt … Read more

Cantilevered Concrete Pool Coping

When it comes to in-ground pools, it is the finishing touches that can make or break the pool’s appearance. One of the most challenging aspects of finishing an in-ground pool is the pool coping – the concrete that is used to cap the wall of the pool shell. There are several common challenges that pop … Read more

Concrete Pool Coping Styles

Swimming pool coping is the beam’s capstone used to finish the edge of the pool to bring it flush with the pool deck. For years, standard bull-nose front edge coping was used, but today, there is a huge selection of innovative coping ideas that can completely transform the appearance of your pool. Ultimately, the goal … Read more

Using an Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer For Counters

Why It’s Important to Use an Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer for Outdoor Counters Adding outdoor counters to your deck or patio is a wonderful way to expand your outdoor living space. If you plan to build the counters yourself, you’ll need high-quality concrete countertop products, including a concrete table sealer. Benefits of Concrete Table Sealers … Read more

Outdoor Concrete Table Sealer

Having indoor concrete countertops and tables properly sealed is always important, but it is especially critical for outdoor concrete surfaces. Whether for your home, bar, restaurant, or other types of business, you want to choose the best outdoor concrete table sealer, otherwise, outdoor concrete will experience premature wear and tear, not only from use but … Read more