How to Determine if a Concrete Floor is Flat and Level

Floor flatness and levelness are described by Face Floor Profile Numbers, also called F-numbers.  Two separate numbers, one each for flatness and levelness, are used to define a constructed floor surface.  This document provides a brief explanation of these numbers and typical construction requirements and techniques to achieve a desired flatness and levelness.  The reader … Read more

How To Clean Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete by nature will gather dirt, dust, and debris and get dirtier as time passes. It is highly recommended that you clean and seal it to help keep it looking great. What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete? Exposed aggregate is a great concrete finish for many applications. It tends to be most popular for … Read more

Stamped vs Textured Cement Overlays

Stamped Overlays use pre-formed molds to imprint or stamp a pattern into a setting concrete surface. Textured Overlays on the other hand require the skilled hands of a professional and their trowels and tools to ultimately create the surface finish or texture of the overlay. Texturing the surface of concrete can include but is not limited to … Read more