Vertical Concrete Finishes

Vertical Concrete Wall Finishes When confronted with a large unfinished wall or wondering what to do with a new vertical surface, an often overlooked and misunderstood solution is actually a great option; Vertical Decorative Cement or Concrete. With the possibility of hundreds of designs, colors, patterns and textures fueled by new and proven technology, concrete … Read more

How to Finish a Concrete Slab

Here are the tools and steps to finishing a Concrete Slab. Lets begin: A Concrete Tamp is widely use in the southwest, but may not be used in other geographic areas.(Consult your local Ready-mix.) (1) Concrete Tamp; 3 or 4 ft. Definition; used to condense the concrete mix. Condensing, forces moisture to the surface. (Bleeding.) … Read more

Why is My Acid Stain Not Taking?

The question to be answered is why does and acid stain not take and how can I resolve this issue. The question came in as: Question…I’m in the middle of acid staining my concrete basement floor. When I began the neutralizing/washing process, the acid stain is wiping away…even as I barely mop it. I don’t know what … Read more

Concrete Bag Calculator

Calculating Concrete  It might seem that calculating the amount of concrete needed for a pour seems like a daunting task. However, the process is not that difficult to understand, and will need to be figured out before starting any concrete placement project. It will help determine all the necessary concrete required to complete the … Read more

How Is Concrete Furniture Made?

If you’ve ever seen concrete furniture in someone’s home or office, you know just how rich and elegant it appears. Because it’s so beautifully made, most people have no idea its even concrete. Whether a dining room table, chair, desk, or outdoor seating, this type of furniture looks more like expensive wood. So how do … Read more

How to Use Concrete Stains with Stencils

Concrete stains provide a wide range of coloring options for both indoor and outdoor applications. The unique coloring properties of the staining process allows for interesting color combinations, which can work well with stencils to create custom designs quickly and easily. Concrete stains are available in acid based and water based varieties, and it is … Read more