Garage Floor Epoxy Systems

Garage floor coating systems come in wide range of colors and finishes. There are the basic entry-level systems common in track homes and spec properties. As well as the high-end commercial grade systems commonly found in the more discerning or custom-built homes. Regardless of the quality factor the basic ingredients are similar. Garage coatings usually … Read more

Concrete Coloring Basics

When considering Decorative Concrete as an option for your new project, the most exciting element is often ‘choosing the color’. This is not as cut and dry as you might think or hope. Many professionals will offer ‘any color you like’ scenario or perhaps only offer what they have available to them. Here are a … Read more

Sealing a Concrete Floor

Sealants applied to a decorative concrete surface provide multiple uses. They seal and protect the floor from sun and fading Make for easier cleanup Add a chemical resistant barrier and protect against staining Create the desired level of shine Enable the addition of Anti-slip additives Protect the surface against wear and abuse Allow for easy … Read more

What Is GFRC?

GFRC, the acronym for “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete,” is an innovative type of concrete used for a variety of applications. Along with some of the more conventional uses, experts utilize this concrete for an array of highly creative concrete products. As you can see below, GFRC offers tremendous benefits not provided by traditional concrete. Diversity … Read more

What is Green Concrete?

Green concrete: Having many meanings; Green concrete could be; freshly placed concrete, because it usually has a green hue when it is curing, or colored concrete because we can easily add green or any other shade to concrete. But for today, green concrete is going to be environmentally friendly concrete. During the production phases of … Read more

How To Install Stone Veneer Siding

The following is our collection of basic installation tips, tricks, advice and instructions to help you with your manufactured stone project. If there are other installation tips and advice you’d like to see us put online in the future, please contact us to let us know! Basic Helpful Tips * Apply your corners first, alternating … Read more