Epoxy Floor Coatings

Custom installed, accented with each homeowner’s unique touch yet lasting longer than commonly marketed floor coverings, epoxy floors exceed your floor traffic standards by bringing an added dimension of longevity which amasses any other floor covering sold today.

More importantly, epoxy floor coverings have resounding benefits unsurpassed by your current floor covering, not to mention you can spend far less coating your floors than replacing rooms of carpeting.

Technology Innovated Epoxy

While consumerists blog about new gadgetry, science quietly works behind the scenes to continually evolve epoxy flooring. Since home owners seek ways to ‘spend once and be done’, per se, flooring seems the most logical starting point for these long-term savings to commence. Since epoxies of today are specifically formulated to meet high residential demands, you’ll find a plethora of available epoxy options, from recycled glass to quartz and virtually any color conceivable in between.

Yes, Epoxy Has Benefits

Like many other floor coverings you’ll encounter while shopping, epoxy floors have a mile long list of benefits, although we’ll touch specifically on some which may be of interest to couples with young children:

  • Antimicrobial – For parents who fear their children will fester with germs after eating crackers off the floor, fear not: most good epoxies are EPA rated to impede the growth of microorganisms.
  • Easy to clean – Swiffer your floor a few times, run a sponge mop or however you ‘get down’ on cleaning your floors, epoxy surfaces are traditionally easy to clean and won’t mar as easily as some vinyl or linoleum surfaces.
  • Slip resistant – Running through your home chasing the ‘bad guys’ won’t be problematic for your little soldier as epoxy coatings can be mixed with resins to make your floors slip resistant.
  • Ecofriendly – Peace, earthly beings; newer epoxy floors are rated green by EPA standards, meaning they’re manufactured, processed and contain no animals, trees or wildlife in general while minimizing the harshness of chemicals used.

Add odorless, seamless, temperature containing and vast assortment of designs to the growing list of reasons that single-family homes, commercial properties and garages around the U.S. have opted for epoxy floors over traditional carpeting.