Concrete Edging FAQ’s

How strong is continuous concrete edging? Continuous concrete provides a durable, permanent, border with low maintenance. It won’t rot, shatter, splinter, etc. Constructed of reinforced concrete, you can expect your edging to last for years to come. We use polypropylene fibers that are added to concrete before it is poured the fiber helps prevent cracking … Read more

Techniques Used To Polish Concrete

Also referred to as: Honed, Burnished, Ground or Diamond, polished concrete generally refers to a concrete surface that provides a hardwearing, durable finish with a surface luster or shine. Polished concrete finishes have been used primarily in industrial buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, but are increasingly becoming more popular in residential and retail or commercial … Read more

What Are Concrete Form Liners?

Inset forms and edge form liners can take your concrete countertops to the next level. Form liners are simply an insert that can be placed into a mold before it has been poured. Once the concrete is placed into the mold the form will displace the concrete and a custom edge or design will be … Read more

How to Identify and Fix Concrete Moisture

Identifying and addressing moisture issues will help guarantee installation success. Introduction – Concrete moisture vapor emissions Concrete slabs on grade that have not been poured over an effective vapor retarder are subject to high levels of moisture vapor emissions that can cause failures in flooring adhered to the concrete. For this to occur, two additional … Read more

Decorative Concrete Business FAQ’s

Are you looking for a change? Are you wanting to start your own business and start taking control of your future? Construction and home building is at an all time high. Everywhere you look there are new buildings being erected and homes getting renovated. Homeowners and business owners are constantly looking for new, better and … Read more

Concrete Acid Staining Tips

Acid Stain Secrets and Tips: For the seasoned professional this advice may be redundant, but perhaps you might pick up just a little bit of information that will help you get even better results. Tip #1: Acid Stain Coverage Rates. Some manufacturers claim their products should be installed at a specific sq ft rate per … Read more