Water Based Concrete Stains

Staining decorative concrete has a number of options. Most clients understand that it is able to offer quite a few more options when it comes to the aesthetics of their concrete system, and the look is certainly one of the selling points that many contractors use. However, using water-based stains for decorative concrete can offer quite a few other benefits as well, including environmental benefits. Contractors who want to be able to offer their clients some green solutions will want to know about these environmental benefits.

Environmental Benefits and More

There are very few volatile organic compounds in water-based stains, and that makes the environment healthier overall. It also means that the contractors who are using the stain will not be breathing in any of those chemicals. Those around the stain during installation, including clients, do not have to worry about those chemicals.

Another one of the benefits is that they are easier to clean up before sealing the concrete. When using other types of stains, it requires following a variety of different protocols to make sure that the stain is disposed of properly and safely. The contractors will not have to do a wash down on the floor as they would after installing an acid stain either, and this means that they can complete the jobs just a bit more quickly. After curing and sealing, the stain will still look great and it will last a long time.

Owners will also have a number of different choices when it comes to colors. In fact, they have a wider selection than when they are choosing from the acid-based stains. With the wider range of colors, it increases the number of available design options, including primary colors. Thanks to these additional colors, it is possible to create some complicated designs that would not have been possible with the other methods. The acid-based stains, while they look great, have fewer options and skew toward natural and earthy colors.

Because of the longer evaporation point with water-based stains, they stay on the concrete longer, and that allows the color to get deeper into the concrete. This helps to ensure that the colors are nice and vibrant, as well as long lasting.

As you can see, water-based stains offer more benefits than just some interesting design choices for your clients. Explain these different environmental benefits to the clients, and it can be yet another selling point.