Is Stamped Concrete Good For Restaurants?

Stamped Concrete is commonly used for residential patios, floors, walkways, driveways, and more. However, it is an excellent choice for commercial businesses, including restaurants. In fact, because of the benefits that concrete provides, this type of flooring is found in some of the country‚Äôs best-known restaurant chains. Regardless if you are designing a new restaurant … Read more

Concrete Countertop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Countertops. Q. What are my color choices with Concrete Countertops? A. Like anything cement based, your options are endless. Cement comes in either a white or grey base and can have color added into the mix as well as to the surface of the hardened concrete. From white … Read more

Is Decorative Concrete A Good Business?

With new and easier to use products, a quick learning curve, training readily available, huge demand, along with it being the fastest area of growth in the concrete industry, decorative concrete has a lot to offer, it may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. (if you get in early!) Are you handy with basic … Read more

Pre Cast vs Pour in Place Concrete Countertops

To pour or not to pour ‘in place’ that is the question? To difference between a pre-cast concrete countertop vs a cast in place concrete countertop is quite simple. Pre-Cast: A concrete countertop that has been manufactured off site and transported as a finished product to then be placed and installed. Cast in place: A … Read more

Types of Grinding and Polishing Equipment

Floor Grinding, Polishing and Honing When a floor needs to be cleaned, ground, or polished either for a final finish or perhaps preparing it for upcoming color or resurfacing systems, large walk behind or ride aboard concrete grinding or polishing equipment is used. Either with a wet or dry polishing system, diamonds of different shapes … Read more

Types of Garage Coatings & Epoxy Sealers

Garage Coatings and Epoxy Sealers A garage is not just for oil stains and old boxes. It is becoming an extension of the home. Clean, organized and usable space is what todays modern garages have become. It is the functional, easy to maintain, and light reflective garage floor coatings that are leading the way and … Read more