What Is GFRC?

GFRC, the acronym for “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete,” is an innovative type of concrete used for a variety of applications. Along with some of the more conventional uses, experts utilize this concrete for an array of highly creative concrete products. As you can see below, GFRC offers tremendous benefits not provided by traditional concrete. Diversity … Read more

Terrazzo Flooring Information

Why is Terrazzo so popular again? It is beautiful and seamless. And, nowadays, it is very easy to maintain. Many Floridians are lucky because there is a treasure trove of original 50’s/60’s terrazzo buried in their homes, under the carpet, under the tile, even under the linoleum. In the 1950’s to early 1970’s terrazzo became … Read more

Recycled Glass in Concrete

 Using Recycled Glass in Concrete Conventional concrete aggregate consists of sand (fine aggregate) and various sizes and shapes of gravel or stones. However, there is a growing interest in substituting alternative aggregate materials, largely as a potential use for recycled materials. While there is significant research on many different materials for aggregate substitutes (such as granulated … Read more

Can Decorative Concrete Be Applied On a Wood Substrate?

Can decorative concrete be applied over a wood substrate? So you love the concept of decorative concrete but have an existing wood floor or already have planned on building with a wood floor substrate. No problem! The concept of using concrete overtop of a wood substrate is really not new. If you think of it … Read more

Types of Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate finish options An exposed aggregate finish can be any type of aggregate that is left exposed in the final surface of the concrete. Aggregate is just a fancy way of saying stone, pebble, rocks or sand. How to Create an Exposed aggregate concrete surface finish. 1. Standard exposed aggregate: Aggregate is mixed into … Read more

Creating a Concrete Surface with Textured Skins

For unique and beautiful patterns, seamless textured concrete skins are incredible. They produce outstanding results while being an extremely easy method of transforming the aesthetics of pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways, and more. For new concrete, a seamless stamp pattern adds subtle texture. These skins, also known as seamless stamps, create the look of stone … Read more