Adding a Decorative Finish to Gypcrete

At the end of the day, making the client happy is always what matters. Whether the client wants something simple or something complex for their decorative concrete flooring, it is the duty of the contractor and architect to oblige. Take a recent example with Wusthof, a client from Norwalk, Connecticut. They had a 3,500 square foot area covered with a Gypcrete substrate, and they wanted to have a Lumiere designer epoxy floor to go over it. Working with Gypcrete as a substrate can be rather tricky, and it takes a certain touch, and a certain amount of skill to get things just right. Continue reading

Coffee Shop Concrete Floor

Use Decorative Concrete Products for Commercial and Residential Projects

Surecrete  Contractors around the country need to make sure that they are always able to offer their customers and clients the latest and greatest services and products. If they are unable to keep up with the new demands of the customers, they will not be in business for very long at all, and the competition will snatch those clients. A great example of this is in the field of concrete. Decorative concrete products are very desirable today in both residential and commercial properties. Those contractors who don’t already have these skills under their belts need to learn, and they need to learn soon. Continue reading

The stamp store online store

The Stamp Store Is Your Online Source for Concrete Floor Supplies

Whether you’re a concrete contractor, or one of the many Do It Yourself homeowners who have taken any classes on using concrete for home improvement, The Stamp Store’s online store is the one place you need to go to get all of your concrete floor supplies. On their website, they have an extensive inventory of materials, which will allow you to really let your imagination soar when using concrete for in your home, your business, or even outside on a patio or pool deck. Continue reading

sloping a concrete floor

Fixing a Poorly Sloped Concrete Floor for Drainage

Bad concrete can cause a number of problems. One common issue many home and business owners face is poorly sloped concrete.  This happens when the concrete contractor that places the original concrete slab either neglects , forgets or simply doesn’t understand the duty of the concrete being installed.  Concrete slabs not only provide a clean walking or functional useable surface, they are often used to guide or create drainage for water away from structures and buildings.

Continue reading


Concrete, Cold Weather and Damage: How it Happens

Many of the people taking on DIY concrete repair projects will be doing so to get rid of spalling, cracks and other damage caused by cold weather conditions. A great deal of cold weather damage is caused by the cycle of water freezing and thawing, which places hydraulic pressure on the concrete.

The Damage Reveals the Cause

Spalling occurs because of pressure exerted by water as it freezes and flaws in the concrete. Continue reading

Concrete Boost

Concrete Additive for Ready-Mix Concrete


September 11, 2014
Super-Krete® International, Inc. Announces Availability of Concrete BOOST! ™

Concrete Additive for Ready-Mix Concrete

(Spring Valley, CA)— Today, SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc. announces immediate availability of Concrete BOOST!, ready-mix concrete booster that makes concrete stronger, harder and  waterproof like no other.

“Concrete BOOST! is designed for smaller batches of concrete such as countertops but can be used with any Portland cement-based material,” said Tracey Lackovich, President at SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc. . Continue reading

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