Saving Money on Decorative Concrete

Select Value over Price.

If you are receiving prices from a variety of Decorative Concrete Professionals you may have noticed that prices can vary quite substantially.  In this extensively complicated world of Specialty concrete there are many reasons for price fluctuations and differences.  Let us try to explain why the cheapest is not always the best (usually never) and why a few more dollars spent initially could save you a bundle in the end. Continue reading

Duraamen high performance concrete floors

High Performance Concrete Floors Are Not Necessarily Unattractive

You say the words “high performance concrete floors“, and you probably don’t envision attractive floors. Instead, you may see a rather dull floor with only a hint of shine across an expanse of dreary color. This answer cannot be accused of being too far off the mark (in some respects) because many concrete floors are just dull and boring – even if they perform well for decades.

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Options for Green Concrete Sealers

No matter where your concrete is, you should use a sealer to protect it from all the wear and tear and spills that it goes through on a regular basis. Of course, if you have a stained concrete floor, a sealer becomes even more important. And if the floor in question is a patio outside, the right sealer will make all the difference. But while you have many options, most are not considered green. For green concrete sealers, you need to know what to look for and what to avoid. Keep reading for help with this endeavor. Continue reading


Duraamen Products Can Put a New Finish Over Gypcrete

For a long time, new business owners as well as homeowners who discovered gypcrete underneath carpeting or tile were left with little option other than to install new carpeting, tile, linoleum, or other flooring. Concrete staining simply wasn’t possible because, without lime, gypcrete is unable to hold stain. This means that people looking for a simple floor simply weren’t able to get the results that they desired. Thankfully, Duraamen is one of the few companies offering products that can resurface gypcrete to then allow for stained concrete.

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Polyaspartic Coating

Choosing Polyaspartic When You Are Serious About High Performance Flooring

If you own or manage an industrial property, you might be surprised to find over the years that one of your biggest operating expenses is your floor. If you do not choose extremely durable flooring materials, you may find yourself needing to repair or completely replace your floors quite frequently. If you want to avoid this hassle, it is best to choose a polyaspartic high performance floor from the start. Continue reading

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