Epoxy Garage Coating - Memphis

SurfaceScapes Your Premier Concrete Coating and Repair Experts in Memphis

While many in the concrete repair and coatings industry strive to provide low cost, and cheap alternatives, there are a handful of quality companies that value, well just that! 'Value'.  What is value when talking about concrete coatings, decoration and repair.  Value like anything in life is not just one thing.  It encompasses quality, longevity, … Continue Reading ››

SureCrete Design

SureCrete Design Products – Decorative & Specialty Concrete Manufacturer

SureCrete Design Products is a concrete manufacturing and specialty training firm based out of Orlando, Florida. Since the late 90s, we have been leading the domestic market in supply and distribution of concrete applications and materials. Now offering nationwide solutions and distribution to Canada, we are becoming … Continue Reading ››

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