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SurfaceScapes Your Premier Concrete Coating and Repair Experts in Memphis

While many in the concrete repair and coatings industry strive to provide low cost, and cheap alternatives, there are a handful of quality companies that value, well just that! ‘Value’.  What is value when talking about concrete coatings, decoration and repair.  Value like anything in life is not just one thing.  It encompasses quality, longevity, durability, trust, attention to detail, and on and on.  Specifically when talking about concrete systems, we can look at the most obvious elements. Continue reading


SureCrete Design

SureCrete Design Products – Decorative & Specialty Concrete Manufacturer

SureCrete Design Products is a concrete manufacturing and specialty training firm based out of Orlando, Florida. Since the late 90s, we have been leading the domestic market in supply and distribution of concrete applications and materials. Now offering nationwide solutions and distribution to Canada, we are becoming one of the most recognized firms in the industry.

At SureCrete Design Products, our aim is to help your business offer high end concrete applications and solutions to your customers. This is why we offer training for system installation, implications, choosing the best type of materials for different surfaces, and much more. This allows your business to leverage on industry best practices in installation, repair, and maintenance of flooring solutions. As a result, your business can set a benchmark for quality services backed with high end concrete applications from us! Continue reading

Concrete Pool Coping

Hottest new trend in pool coping design

When it comes to helping your pool stand out amongst the commonplace, the difference is in the details. One of the most important elements in your overall pool design is your coping – it’s not only structurally significant, it’s also a way of adding visual impact.

The latest in pool design is similar to that of an undermounted sink, where the edge cantilevers over the basin making it continuous and seamless.  This look is trending as a premium finish and latest design choice.  The look is a continuous concrete decking that takes your deck right up to the very edge of your pool and even slightly overlapping allowing for water to easily flow back into the swimming pool. Continue reading


Why is my acid stain not taking?

The question to be answered is why does and acid stain not take and how can I resolve this issue.

The question came in as:

Question…I’m in the middle of acid staining my concrete basement floor. When I began the neutralizing/washing process, the acid stain is wiping away…even as I barely mop it. I don’t know what to do at this point. I asked a lot of questions prior to beginning the project and was diligent about following them.
Here is my best response:
Acid stain is reactive and needs to react and burn into the concrete surface.  If the concrete was sealed with a sealer or was power trowled too tight this may impede the stain from penetrating.
Another reason the stain is washing away may be because of the age of the concrete  and the amount of free lime in it.  Acid stain reacts and attaches to free lime in concrete and a lack of, or absence of free lime may cause the stain to easily wash away.
Acid stain should be tested on a small area and then cleaned and sealed to ensure its success on the main area of flooring.  If an acid stain is not taking to a concrete slab you may consider using a dye instead.  Concrete dyes do not rely on a chemical reaction.  It is however advantageous to have a profiled surface for them and the subsequent sealer to adhere to.
If you are unsure about the application of a product or its effectiveness the manufacturer should be able to help and find a solution.

Adding a Decorative Finish to Gypcrete

At the end of the day, making the client happy is always what matters. Whether the client wants something simple or something complex for their decorative concrete flooring, it is the duty of the contractor and architect to oblige. Take a recent example with Wusthof, a client from Norwalk, Connecticut. They had a 3,500 square foot area covered with a Gypcrete substrate, and they wanted to have a Lumiere designer epoxy floor to go over it. Working with Gypcrete as a substrate can be rather tricky, and it takes a certain touch, and a certain amount of skill to get things just right. Continue reading

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