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Artisan Rock. The original Wholesale Manufactured Stone Veneer supply company in the US.

Buying direct “Manufactured Stone and Brick Veneer” and then sell direct to you at “Rock” bottom wholesale prices.   This means the end user always gets the best price possible.  We don’t spend a lot on advertising and marketing because with the money our customers save they become our best sales force.

We offer direct Wholesale pricing and private labeling as well.

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taco johnsPro Cast Stone®–Pro Cast Stone, Inc. provides the highest quality, natural-looking stone veneers and architectural accessories for your projects. Attention to detail in manufacturing, personalized customer service and a commitment to the development of new products – makes Pro Cast Stone, Inc. the best choice for stone veneers in the Midwest.
Our Stone Veneer systems were designed to create realistic and beautiful stone finishes for either your home or business. Stone veneers can be used on walls, entryways, houses, buildings, fireplaces, outdoor living areas, around pools, retaining walls and anywhere else your imagination takes you. Visit our website at

boulder creek stoneBoulder Creek Stone Products —over 25 years experience manufacturing stone veneer, thin brick and floor tile pavers. Boulder Creek Stone Products manufactures four main products: stone veneer, thin brick, floor tile pavers and accessories. They offer over 250 different pattern and color combinations. Boulder Creek Stone is lightweight and durable. Manufactured to withstand the harshest of Minnesota winters or the hot climate of the tropics. Boulder Creek Stone is constructed of all natural materials and produces a touch and feel that is undistinguishable from natural stone. The classic appearance of brick is recreated by Boulder Creek craftsmen into a light weight, �” thick product that is easy to install by either the professional or the do-it-yourselfer. This brick can be used as a maintenance free exterior or to enhance many areas on the inside of the house such as a fireplace surround or entrance.

Charles Luck Stone ExteriorMastercut Natural Veneer Stone by LuckStone–MasterCut is crafted from natural fieldstone and ledgestone. As easy to install as manmade stone, but unmistakably real. MasterCutTM Natural Veneer Stone is a 3/4″ – 1″ material that is precision cut into flats and corners for easy and lightweight installation. Available as a ledgestone or fieldstone, face size, thickness, and colors will vary. Primary uses include veneer walls for fireplaces, house fronts, chimneys, and other interior and exterior walls. Available in flats and corners, MasterCut is sized and shaped for easy installation and is ideal for interior and exterior nonstructural veneer projects, such as house fronts, chimneys, foundations, fireplaces, freestanding walls and building exteriors. Thin veneer requires no footings so expensive foundations can be eliminated while still providing the appearance of solid stone. Masons find MasterCut’s flat-cut back as easy to handle and install as manmade stone products.

American Slate StepsAmerican Slate Company–Suppliers of natural slate for natural roofing, flooring and paving projects . Currently, their product line includes over sixty different product colors and textures.Stoneface comes in the three colors and has the look of old brick or small stone blocks and can be used for exterior walls. American Slate now carries a line of Ledger Stone panels for wall treatments. The flat back allows for installation with thinset. Perfect for use around fireplaces or wall treatments in entrance ways or bathrooms.

Owens Corning Cultured StoneOwens Corning The Cultured Stone�–is the leader in manufactured stone veneer. The Cultured Stone� product line offers hundreds of pre-cast stone veneers and architectural trim products. Owens Corning veneers replicate the variety of textures, sizes, shapes and colors of natural stone and have been enhanced to simplify installation. Check the website for info on an interactive program called Fireplace Design Solutions. It shows you how to do a professional design job. It helps you plan, design, draw and estimate materials for the perfect stone fireplace.For home exteriors, Old Country Fieldstone is a stone inspired by great country architecture, in the hills of Tuscany, in the vineyards of France, & along a river in the Carolinas. Its natural ruggedness and its earth drawn colors make it connect with the countryside every place it appears. The European Castle manufactured stone veneer is reminiscent of ancient european castles, but designed with a patented interlocking mortar groove that allows a precision-cut, groutless appearance. They offer many, many more looks. See the Owens Corning Photo Galleries for fireplaces, chimneys, entryways or entire homes.

Eldorado Stone VeneerEldorado Stone – Stone Veneer–The most believable architectural stone veneer in the world–that is their motto. Eldorado Stone is a manufactured stone made out of Portland Cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments, all of which are basic components of natural stone. There are 12 profiles and 58 colors. They are manufactured nationwide by regional manufacturing facilities and available through distributors coast to coast. Natural stones are individually chosen for uniqueness. Molds are crafted to replicate every textural detail. Natural color hues are formulated using iron oxide pigments. Colors are painstakingly hand applied to the molds. Stones are cast, unmolded and carefully packaged. The installed cost is 1/3 to 1/2 less than natural stone, it is lightweight, and requires no footings, wall ties or foundations. It has a 2% waste factor vs. 10% or more for natural stone. Permanent iron oxide dyes are applied and absorbed by the stone when it is cast, thus the color becomes an integral part of the stone. The base color is blended throughout and the mortar can be colored to match as well. There are no noticeable changes in the color after years of weathering. Eldorado Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface and is installed directly to clean (unpainted and untreated) brick, block or concrete.

Pierrexpert Stone ExteriorPierrepxert–custom handcarved natural stone. They offer interior and exterior veneer using the traditional of thin veneer system. Lovely website with inspiring photos. Largest veneer selection and colors Split face or smooth finish veneer, stone door & window surrounds, water table stone blocks, stone columns, carved stone capitals, fountains, ornamental stone staircases, wine cellars with stone walls & vaulted ceilings. Pierrexpert makes all manner of carved stone architectural elements like urns, gargoyles, statues, busts, friezes, low relief, and
fireplace mantels. (Louis XV, Louis XVI, Antique, Contemporary)

NorStone stone veneer wallNorStone–Norstone supplies natural stone products for landscaping, interior and exterior design for residential or commercial applications. Norstone products include natural stone wall cladding, stacked stone, veneer rock panels, and stone paving. They also have a lot of info about waterfall, and water feature applications. Norstone Natural Stone Rock Panels are perfect for water features either inside or outside and for swimming pools. They offer a stand alone water feature that is portable enough to create you own water focal point without the need for a permanent installation. Norstone’s water features come as a complete package (easily assembled) including stainless steel frame & base, pond pump, Norstone rock panels, mesh to hold pebbles, you only need to add halogen lights or fog mist maker if you want.

Advanced Rock Stone Veneer Exterior WallAdvanced Rock–This polyurethane faux stone does not look like real stone to me, but you see what you think. The website says “Faux rock, faux brick & faux stone siding – Durable lightweight polyurethane panels suitable for interior and exterior use”. They offer Rio Grande Cut Stone Panels, Klamath Falls River Rock Panels, Old School House Brick Panels, Cimarron River Stacked Stone Panels, Rocky Mountain Cut Sandstone Panels, and Appalachian Stacked Stone Panels. The panels weigh less that 1 pound per square foot, and because each panel covers several square feet, installation is quick and cheap. Might be good for a temporary display like a Santa chimney and hearth.

Brick-It� — a complete panel system made with real 1/2″ clay thin bricks specifically created for thin brick application. Order the complete system with patented steel panels, bricks, mortar, adhesive and the “Brick-It� Yourself” VHS/DVD or purchase the items separately. You can check the bricks in stock, bricks on sale, and special order bricks. Brick-It� is made with real 1/2″ clay thin brick. It is not brick imitation, brick faux nor brick tiles. It is not simulated brick siding or faux brick panels. Each brick is a separate, fired clay item.

GenStome from New Age Stone, Canada New Age Stone –Based in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, New Age Stone Inc. is a proud distributor of high quality faux rock products “By GenStone Simulated Rock Products, Lakewood, Colorado”. They have established strong roots in Central Alberta supplying and installing these high quality faux rock products for both residential and commercial applications. New Age Stone continues to build relationships with designers, architects, professional builders, general contractors and home owners. Their simulated slate, rock, brick, and stucco products weigh as little as one pound per square foot, eliminating the need for lift equipment or extra labor. Their GenStone products are manufactured of high-impact resistant structural polyurethane.

Next Stone Siding Panels


Next Stone–Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, NextStone� simulated stone siding is cast from actual stone and rock. The manufacturing process gives NextStone� products an authentic “faux” stone look on siding. This appears to be a low cost method of giving a stone faced look to certain types of projects…might be good for stage props and Christmas Santa fireplace displays.

Cascade Stone SidingCascade Stone, manufacturer of concrete stone and brick veneers. Apply approximately 1/2 inch of mortar on the back of the stone and set on wall with back and forth movement. Cascade Stone products do not need footings, wall ties, or structural changes. You can give your home or commercial building the look of stone at affordable prices. These fake stones are designed to be an economical alternative to heavy stones, limestone or thick, full sized bricks. With over 10 styles and over 40 different colors within those styles you have lots of choices. They also offer a brick look.

Natural Stone VeneerNatural Stone Veneer–Natural Stone Veneer offers Bush Hammer type of thin stone veneer. The manufacturing of this thin stone veneer is a process that produces an orange peel texture tile. Textures vary from subtle to rough. Can be used on commercial and residential buildings, floors and walls, the designs and uses are limited only by designers’ imagination. It can also be used to accentuate our other finishes as trim, borders or in mixed design around windows, on fireplaces, in kitchens, bathrooms, entry way or as a cool pool decking, etc. Natural Stone Veneer offers Mosaic/Pebble type of thin stone veneer. Mosaic/Pebble stone veneer is made of small stones are tumbled to create a weathered rustic finish. Affixed on a net backing, piece-by-piece, for easy installation on any interior or exterior wall or floor surface. Natural Stone Veneer says it is the largest supplier of thin natural stone veneer in the United States.

Hammerstone Veneer Exterior HouseHammerstone Veneers–brief website but with some nice photos. No info on their manufacturing process, etc…just that they have been doing this since 1972. They offer fieldstone, ledgerock, castle rock, cobblestone, creekbed and more styles.

StoneLite� natural stone wall panels …consist of a thin authentic stone veneer bonded and reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb substrate. StoneLite� may be produced in virtually any natural stone. StoneLite� panels are quickly and easily installed without the need for expensive lifting equipment or specialized labor. StoneLite� is impervious to water penetration, even with open structured stones such as travertine, Indiana limestone and French limestone. The fiber-reinforced epoxy skin, directly behind the stone, provides a waterproof barrier, thereby eliminating the need for a secondary layer of protection.

Dufferin Stone Church ExteriorDufferin Stone is a full masonry veneer with a natural stone color and texture. Dufferin Stone is a versatile product that can be used in both exterior and interior applications. Dufferin Stone is perfect for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Installed using the same construction methods used to lay brick, Dufferin Stone’s modular configuration and variety of stone sizes allow for a hand-hewn look in customized ashlar patterns. This product is from Oldcastle� Architectural, Inc. Dufferin Stone is available in a variety of heights and widths. Different looks can be created by varying the proportion of large and small stones and the pattern in which they are placed. Choose from flushed or recessed grout styles. Nice photos on this website.

Buechel Stone fireplace veenerBuechel Stone–Buechel Stone Corp. (pronounced BEE-kul) offers a full line of building and landscape stone which is distributed nationally and internationally through an extensive dealer network. Natural stone is one of the most sound and visually appealing building products available. Because it is quarried directly from the earth, it has unique qualities that only Mother Nature can produce. While Full Veneer natural stone is still regarded as the premium choice for high-end home and building construction, Buechel Stone offers another natural product as a more affordable installation for those who still want the quality and beauty of natural stone. Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) is a lightweight alternative to Full Veneer and a higher-quality alternative to manufactured stone. NTV is a natural stone cut at a thickness ranging from three quarters of one inch to one and one-quarter inches as compared to Full Veneer which has a thickness of 3-5 inches. Buechel’s stone is stone is a dolomitic limestone, which is very dense and durable.

Synthetic Stones are often cast out of concrete, but resemble natural rock and brick.


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