Visit the JM Lifestyles Booth at the Upcoming Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City

One of the most coveted places for showcasing designs is at the New York City Architectural Digest Design Show. This year, JM Lifestyles will introduce its incredible line of concrete creations to those in attendance, including home and business owners, architects, builders, and even other designers.

You can attend this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show starting on Thursday, March 22, and ending on Sunday, March 25. On Thursday, the first day of the event, Piers 92 and 94 will open their doors to VIP and design trade consumer ticketholders from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, anyone holding a ticket can attend. However, on the last day of the show, the doors will close at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

We bring your lifestyle to life, Decorative Concrete Designs

If you want to attend, you will need to head to 55th Street at 12th Avenue in New York City. Once at the venue, visit Booth 154 to see all the remarkable creations by JM Lifestyles. Along with beautiful furniture, this company makes one-of-a-kind countertops, bathroom vanities, bars, fireplaces, fire pits, and a host of other things for a broad range of industries.

JM Lifestyles is a leader in the Decorative Concrete Industry forging ahead to set standards and try to create uniformity in concrete. They have over 20 years experience. JM fabricates and ships all over the world. Proprietors of Woodform Concrete, looks like wood, acts like stone. Woodform is a huge problem solver for people who would like to have the look wood without the upkeep of wood. Now you can have wood in places that would otherwise be impractical or impossible. “Wood without the worry!” 

Whether you are a home or business owner, after going to the Architectural Digest Design Show and seeing what JM Lifestyles produces, you will be inspired at the possibilities.  As the developer of WoodForm Concrete®, also referred to as Real Concrete®, the products are unlike anything you have seen before.