Stamped Concrete Vs Pavers

 The advantages of Stamped Concrete over Brick, Stone and Pavers

Brick, concrete pavers, and cobblestones can look incredible, but their inherent flaw is that the surface is created with many interlocking pieces and causes them to be susceptible to frost-heave, and can cause them to lift, sink and become displaced over the course of the changing seasons.  They also are susceptible to weeds and plant growth in the cracks and crevices, causing unwanted ongoing maintenance.

Concrete is poured as a continuous surface and eliminates the weeds from growing in they seams.

Stamped concrete is also done in a very efficient way and can lead to significant cost savings over individually, carried, cut, and placed stone or brick.  While concrete pavers and bricks are manufactured off site, and then must be shipped, carried and marked up through distributor chains, a stamped concrete finish is “built on site” and can be the most cost effective solution.

Because of the reduced, production, shipping and fuel surcharges associated with pavers and brick Stamped Concrete can also be considered the Green alternative.