Top 2016 Pool Designs for Beverly Hills Homeowners

The pool is a place for unwinding and relaxation, but the pool deck is the area where most people spend their time. The current trends for Beverly Hills pool designs are focused more on the patio rather than just the pool itself. Pool designers now focus on creating a theme to unify the backyard space, which includes the pool, the deck, and the surrounding area. The rise of decorative concrete has set the bar higher than before, with pool decks now resembling mini spas and luxury hotel pool lounges. Here are two popular themes for pool designs in 2016.

Minimalist Pool Designs

Minimalists may opt to have a solid square or rectangular pool with angular designs and a solid color scheme. The pool deck can be painted a neutral, dark tone with minimal hue changes to keep the entire space simple and classy. Opting for a simple pattern using stamped concrete will add texture for those who want a little more design.

Nature-Themed Pool Designs

For nature-lovers, earth-themed pool designs are a perfect adjunct to any open space. The pool shape can be modeled with pond-like curves, and the pool deck color should have neutral tones to complement the surroundings. Putting in natural stonework allows a pool’s edge to blend into the scenery, all the while creating a beautiful landscape on its own. It can give the pool area a soothing, spa-like ambiance. If you want to add natural sounds to your perfect view, adding a cascading waterfall to your pool will be all you need to transform your pool area into an elegant, stress-busting haven.

If you want your pool to reflect your personality and taste, contact Min Yoshida Pools and allow us to help you customize your pool and deck. Our team can make your pool area reach its full potential through our custom design and planning process.