How To Make Concrete Not Slippery

Treated concrete can make for a lovely surface, but sometimes it also makes for a slippery one. Slick concrete can create a hazardous surface, not just for your family but for visitors to your home as well. If you find yourself slipping and sliding on a particular concrete surface in your home, there are options available. Check out these tips for making slippery concrete a little bit easier and safer to walk on.

Non-Slip Paint

This solution provides substances like an aggregate, resin and hardener to create a slip proof concrete surface that is also beautiful. In addition, this technique can be used to enhance the surface of the concrete by offering color and texture to the concrete surface. You can find contractors who will supply these products and even apply them for a professionally finished look. Professional application is always the preferred choice of any color treatment on concrete, since these techniques need a professional’s touch to ensure the color goes on smoothly and evenly.

Broom Finishes

A broom finish can be applied to the surface of the concrete as well, although these finishes can sometimes change the overall look of the concrete. However, if you don’t mind a somewhat altered appearance, a broom finish can certainly add a safety feature in a slip-proof surface. Broom finishes are achieved by running a broom across the surface of the concrete before it is cured. If your concrete surface already exists, a broom finish can be included with an overlay, which is explained in the next paragraph.


Overlays are a form of concrete resurfacing, where a thin layer of cement is poured over an existing concrete surface to enhance the look of old concrete or offer texture on a floor that is extra slippery. Textured Overlays are the best choice in overlays for this purpose, since the tiny sand particles will add beauty and a textured surface that will not be conducive to slipping. Overlays can also be completed with a broom finish or stamping technique that will add traction to the surface of the concrete. Overlays cost about half of what a whole new patio would cost and they take less time to complete.

Slip-Resistant Tape

A final solution to slippery concrete is to cover the surface of the area with pressure sensitive tape. The tape can be ordered in just about any color and cut to any size and shape. Before applying, the surface of the concrete should be freshly cleaned and completely dry. A primer is then applied that the tape will stick to more effectively. Using a rubber roller to install the tape will ensure it goes down properly to last as long as possible.

A slippery concrete surface can create a hazardous condition for all who visit your home. Fortunately, there are a host of solutions that can make your slippery concrete slip-proof with relatively little labor, time and cost. If your concrete surface is causing a slippery headache, talk to a concrete contractor about your options in treating your concrete for a safer surface around your home.