Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Pool Design in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, everything is done on a grand scale. This is evident in the number of homeowners who choose a custom pool in Beverly Hills. Homeowners want a pool that stands out, something with unique style and character. Because there are some distinct differences between a standard and custom-designed swimming pool, you should consider certain factors.

Prior to the start of construction, it is essential to go over several things to ensure the custom pool design for your Beverly Hills home matches both your personal preference and needs. The size of the pool is a huge factor, and it depends on the amount of available space. Obviously, your backyard space must be able to accommodate the size of pool you want. However, the way the pool is used is another factor that affects the size. Do you want a pool for exercise and doing laps or a pool for entertaining family and friends?

The shape of the pool is also important. Today, pool designers have amazing techniques for creating virtually any shaped pool. The backyard area plays a critical role in the decision for a custom pool design for your Beverly Hills home. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to step outside the box. As an example, if you are in the music industry, you can have your pool shaped like a guitar.

Probably one of the most important decisions for a custom pool at your Beverly Hills home has to do with materials. On the inside of an in-ground pool is a shell made of fiberglass, vinyl, or gunite, which is a special type of concrete. For a pool that is easy to maintain and clean, extremely durable, and long-lasting, gunite is the most popular material. By going over these factors and working closely with a reputable company, your pool will be everything that you wanted and more.