Garage Floor Coating Cost

Although the price will vary around the nation, generally garage floor coating costs will be dependent on the systems used, surface preparation required and quality and warranty of the installed product. Factors that also may alter the price are: Accessibility to the work area, location, size of the space, experience level of the installer, and special patterns or designs.

Lets take a look at some of the most common coating systems and their approximate prices:

Garage coating systems – From least, to most durable

Painted Garage Floor –

A simple ‘concrete’ paint. Surface should be cleaned and edges masked off. Rolled on like a paint two coats are often desired. Lifespan is usually a year or two depending on climate and use. Installed cost is approximately, $0.75 to a $1.25 ft

Simple Epoxy Paint Coating –

Slightly more durable than a basic concrete paint. Often times available from your local hardware store. Residential grade water based epoxy system. Rolled on like paint but may need to be blended with part A & B. Lifespan is usually 2-5 years depending on climate and use. Installed Cost is approximately $1.00 – $2.25 ft

100% Solids Epoxy –

These systems are often reserved for professional installers. A 100% solids epoxy generally requires adequate surface preparation in the form of an acid etching , grinding, or shot blasting . These systems are squeegeed and back-rolled often in two coats. they will create a thick layer of protection and are chemically inert to many household products. They will last for many years and are installed at at average cost of $1.50 – $3.00 ft

Epoxy, Polyurea and Polyaspartic Color Flake System –

These are the industry standard when it comes to professional garage floor coating systems. Many companies like Premier Garages®, InstaDrive™ , Armor Clad™, One Day Floors™ , and Trophy Coatings® use these engineered polymer based systems to give their customers the best.

A Color Flake System is similar in its installation regardless of the specific product used. Surface preparation is of paramount importance for any long lasting system. A first color coat is applied, then a second coat is sometimes required. While the second coat is still wet, color flake chips are broadcast onto the surface until rejection(the floor is 100% covered). Once this layer dries, a top coat is then installed (sometimes a second) to seal off the surface and lock in the chips.

A color flake system will last from 5-15 years. Warranties will vary based on product quality and thickness of the final system. Home depot grade color flake epoxies have a 1-3 year warranty whereas a professional grade Polyaspartic system can have up to a 15 year warranty.

These systems vary in price but can range from $3.50ft – to $5.50 ft