The Basic Steps of Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete surfaces must be properly prepped before any coatings or repair materials are applied. Concrete Polishing and Sealing provides full service concrete repair, resurfacing and polishing, including expert surface preparation.

The basic steps to ensure a properly prepped concrete surface are as follows:
• Clean the concrete to remove all substances that could inhibit the bonding ability of the overlay, this includes removing dirt, oil and grease. It’s also necessary to strip away any coatings, sealers or paints that may have been applied to the concrete.
• Remove any unsound concrete including minor spalling, scaling or delamination, or solid concrete.
• Fill in active cracks so they won’t be seen in the overlay. Typically, any cracks equal to or wider than the width of a credit card will require repair.
• Profile, or roughen the concrete surface to improve the "grip" of the overlay.
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