Ten concrete ideas to get ready for spring

Spring is here and getting ready for the Outdoors is an exciting thought.  Yard cleaning, planting, opening the pool and so much more.  Here are 7 cost effective concrete project you may want to consider to get your spring started right.

Driveway Resurfacing: 

Your driveway is cracked, damaged stained and looks dated.  With a concrete resurfacing system you can make your driveway look as good as new.  Pick a color, pattern or simply use a grey finish and begin to love coming home to see your fabulous driveway.

Build a Concrete Patio:

Whether you have a an old or small patio or none at all, a patio can be the start of an outdoor living space.  Use stamped concrete for a new pad and incorporate the deisgn into the concrete istself for ultimate durability- Or try a stained or dyed coloration system for a natural looking finish.

Concrete countertops and tabletops:

Concrete is durable, beautiful, and cost effective.  Use concrete to pour a new countertop, tabletop or bench for your outdoor living area or garden.

Yard borders and edging:

Is your grass growing into your planting areas, trying to keep mulch under trees and gardens.  continuous concrete yard edging or borders are a premanent way to divide yards from gardens and edges.  Concrete does’t corrode like metal edging shift like brick or stones, and doesn’t rot like wood- Concrete is the perfect yard border material!

Walkway or pathway: 

Pour concrete to create a pathway or walk way. Make it look like a natural stone pattern, but eliminate weeds between the rocks and shifting of paving stones.

Garden shed or outbuilding: 

Concrete is the perfect foundation for your outbuilding or shed.  You can build a simple smooth slab or add integral color into the wet concrete to have a colored finish.

Rock feature or Waterfall:

The calming effective of water can be achived with a rockscape or waterfall.  Concrete is used to create large boulders and stone that otherwise couldn’t be lifted or moved into place- So realistic are concrete rockscapes that the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

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