SunStone Limestone Concrete Coating by SUNDEK

SunStone SunStone is an architectural limestone concrete coating that produces a unique natural stone appearance over a variety of surfaces, including concrete, brick, walls, foam, drywall, cinder block, hardibacker, stucco, pre-cast moldings, and many more. Like other SUNDEK concrete coating systems, SunStone also eliminates the need to tear out or repour your concrete surfaces, drastically reducing your costs and project completion times.

SunStone mimics the look and feel of real quarried stone by hand troweling over the existing surface, creating custom textures. Optional designs can also be hand-carved into the SunStone to create travertine, flagstone, slate, tile or a custom pattern. This combination of custom carving mixed with color enhancing oxides and stains creates the most authentic looking decorative concrete on the market today.

Contact your local SUNDEK authorized retailer today for more information on this unique product available nationwide.

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