What Are Stamped Concrete Overlays?

Stamp Overlays & Resurfacing Systems, also referred to as: stamped, imprinted or textured overlays. Although there are many types of resurfacing system options for an exterior concrete slab, we will be focusing on stamp overlays in this section.

These systems are designed to resurface using a thin layer of cement. Stamp overlay systems are capable of resurfacing and covering floors, walls and accessories with a thin layer of polymer-modified cement, usually averaging between 1/4″ -1/2″ thick. The thickness is determined by the stamp or imprinting pattern that will be used.

Stamp overlays are designed to set-up or dry slowly to allow the craftsman the time necessary to “stamp or imprint” a pattern into the setting topping system. Hundreds of patters are available. The patterns often resemble rock, tile, slate and other natural surfaces.

Note: Many times, exterior grade systems are used inside, but interior grade systems should never be used outside.

The differences regarding interior and exterior systems are slight and hardly noticeable, but include such things as higher-grade sealer systems, better chemistry including the polymers or glues within the cement mix and UV resistant or colorfast coloration, which will not fade in the sunlight.

Other than that most, finishes and design possibilities are similar to interior systems.

Considerations when choosing a system:
– Sunlight and color fastness of the product
– Freeze and thaw cycles
– Sitting water
– The elements
– Slip resistance
– Vehicle traffic and weight