Types of Stamp Overlays

Learn about decorative stamped concrete resurfacing systems, their application design options and installation methods.

If you are thinking of having a finish that resembles stone, brick or rock but need to maintain standard floor covering heights of 1/2inch to 3/4 inches than Stamped concrete overlays are the answer.

The range of possibilities and finish options are endless and are growing every day. Stamped concrete toppings, are imprinted with concrete stamp mats and come out looking like natural stone patterns and textures. Color options are endless.

Stamped concrete topping systems include:

Primer System: Used to provide a “bite” or grip onto the substrate. Often are comprised of acrylics, latex, or epoxy. These are installed just prior to or during the topping installation.

Stamp overlay material: Comprised of cement, aggregate and sometimes additional chemicals or dry polymer for water add-mixtures, stamp overlay materials are designed to set retard(delay the drying) so that after the material is applied it can be imprinted with a pattern before it sets up and hardens.

Release agent: Coming in either wet or dry formulations these release agents will aid in the release of the stamp mats during the stamping process. Sometimes a release agent can also have a color which adds to the element or realism in the finished floor.

Stamp Mats: Rubber mats used to imprint or transfer a pattern into the wet concrete overlay material. Overlay mats are often shallower than standard concrete mats to accommodate the thinner material thickness.

Coloration Systems: Often added into the cement resurfacing system as an integral color, but also available in a range of surface treatments and highlights.

Sealer System: Added to the cured stamp overlay material to protect against staining, wear, and the elements. Will often also bring out the colors of the finish.

Specialty Tools: Specialty tools include scribing tools, edgers, tampers and the like. Everything to place and finish the stamped concrete topping system.

Stamped concrete resurfacing systems give a high end and premium look to concrete and wood substrates. Experienced applicators can recreate the look of natural stone, and brick surfaces.