Self Leveling Cement Overlays

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Learn about self leveling concrete resurfacing systems, their application design options and installation methods.

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If your concrete surface is in need of repair from many small chips, holes, cracks and roughness or simply out of level and not smooth a self leveling concrete material applied to its surface may have the properties and desired outcome you are looking for.

self level concreteSelf Leveling concretes provide an effective and efficient way of smoothing leveling and providing a canvass for additional colors and treatments.

Self leveling cement topping systems include:
Primer system: Used to provide a “bite” or grip onto the substrate. Often are comprised of acrylics, latex, or epoxy. These are installed just prior too or during the topping installation.

Self level overlay or resurfacing material: Comprised of cement, aggregate and sometimes additional chemicals or dry polymer for water add-mixtures, self leveling overlay materials are designed to smooth out and seek their own level so that after the material is applied it can be left to settle before it sets up and hardens. Often times these systems are quick drying and can be walked on in just a few hours.

Integral coloring agent: Coming in either wet or dry formulations these integral coloring systems are added at the time of mixing and will completely color the cement, which can be left as is or additional colors can then be added the the cured surface for more effects.

Sealer System: Added to the cured self leveling or overlay material to protect against staining, wear, and the elements. Will often also bring out the colors of the finish.

Specialty Tools: Specialty tools include scribing tools, gage rakes, smoothers spiked rollers, cleats, etc. Everything you will need to gage, place, smooth and finish the overlay material.

Self leveling concrete resurfacing systems give a high end smooth and premium look to concrete and wood substrates. Experienced applicators can recreate the look of polished concrete or many other natural stone products like marble, granite and totally unique and original finishes.

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