Salute to concrete contractors

Concrete Contractors:
A concrete contractor doesn’t just pour concrete level it and then leave.  A concrete contractor can be responsible for the proper grading, leveling , site prep, form work, ordering, placing, finishing, and perhaps decorating and sealing the concrete.  A concrete contractor is a valuable asset to have when you are using concrete for your building or structure.  Their experience can save you thousands from making a mistake on your own.  If you think its easy work and you can do it yourself you have probably never poured, placed and finished concrete.  Not only do you need the proper tools including, a wheelbarrow, bull float, extensions, mag trowel, steel trowel, power trowel, rubber boots, rebar ties, screeds, edger trowels, forming equipment, forms, and on and on.  Also when the concrete arrives you have better secured your forms and be ready for quick placement and finishing if not you have a big heavy, solid mistake thats not easy to fix.  If you have ever had to push multiple wheelbarrows to the pour site you will understand how backbreaking and how hard the work really is.

A concrete contractor understands mix design, how to calculate the amount needed, and how to place the right finish on the concrete depending on its ultimate use.

On the other hand a Decorative Concrete Contractor has a different but equal value when decorating your concrete.  They understand cure times, surface finishes, colors, sealers, coatings, surface preparation, color application methods and techniques.  They are expert problem solvers and great at troubleshooting because no concrete slab or environment is ever perfect..  They have an arsenal of handy and required specialty tools including, stamp mats, tampers, diamond cutting and grinding wheels, trowels, screed rakes, smoothers, squeegees, rollers, sprayers and spray equipment, extension cods, safety gear, industrial vacuums, polishing tools, spiked rollers and so on.

Although you may find many DIY sites who encourage you to do it yourself, it is important to really understand what you are getting into.  We get many a call asking for help with a ruined project.  People calculate the cost of the product or material but are extremely unprepared for all the little things that were conveniently not mentioned.  Once you calculate the total installed cost of the concrete you might realize that if you had to purchase all the right equipment, tools, and labor it is a great deal to have a professional concrete contractor take care of everything.


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