Flooring Evolutions Asbestos Flooring Removal

Removing Asbestos Flooring

Asbestos is a chemical additive that was commonly used in floor covering materials prior to the 1980s.  The decorative concrete and flooring experts at Flooring Evolutions are trained and certified in toxic asbestos removal, and can safely and efficiently remove any flooring containing asbestos, replacing it with durable, functional and beautiful decorative concrete.

Flooring that may contain asbestos includes sheet vinyl, VCT, vinyl or asphalt floor tiles and many other paper-like backed tiles, mastic, adhesive or glue. Asbestos was used in the manufacturing of floor tiles to increase the strength and durability of the flooring.

Flooring Evolutions provides residential and commercial asbestos flooring removal throughout the Kansas City area, and ensures a safe and clean working environment. Flooring Evolutions also specializes in decorative concrete, polished concrete and stamped concrete applications.