The Reality of Custom Concrete Creations

Concrete has been around for thousands of years. It was the preferred building material of the Roman Empire, and it’s still one of our most versatile, affordable materials today. Of course, most business owners and homeowners still think of concrete as a boring, gray, bland material only useful for structural or utilitarian spaces – it makes a great material for a parking garage, but shouldn’t be used in high-end retail, or luxury home interiors, right? That’s wrong. Custom concrete creations can be both immensely durable and immensely beautiful.

The Truth about Concrete

If you’re still under the impression that concrete is gray, boring, and should be covered up with some other cladding material, it’s time to take a look at how things have changed in the industry. Today, concrete can be warm, comfortable, even beautiful. It only takes the right steps and a lot of artistic flair to transform cement from blasé to elegant.


The truth about concrete is that it can be as beautiful or customized as you want. It’s easily molded and formed, and it can also be stamped, stained, dyed and manipulated in dozens of other ways. At J&M Lifestyles, we can even install fiber optic lights within a concrete application (like that outdoor kitchen bar you’ve been considering) for a truly unique look.

Concrete can be stamped, colored and patterned to resemble any other material as well – want a rustic solid wood table or counter top, but don’t want to deal with the procurement or maintenance? J&M Lifestyles can help. Our WoodForm™ system is one of our most versatile. Want an amazing bathtub for that luxury bathroom? J&M Lifestyles can give you an indulgent getaway that’s not made out of flimsy fiberglass but that still evokes emotion and catches the eye.

Of course, concrete isn’t ideal solely for residential use. In fact, custom concrete creations can be used for a variety of architectural finishes, signage, columns, facades and more in the retail and commercial realms, from storefronts to hotel lobbies to guestrooms and everything in between.

The trick to benefiting from concrete is to work with the right company. J&M Lifestyles  has the experience, expertise and knowledge necessary to create the ideal application for your needs, whether that’s a luxury bathroom or outdoor living area, or a new high-end retail store interior. Contact us today to learn more.