Questions you need to ask your Concrete Contractor

Be prepared and ask your concrete contractor the right questions

If you are considering a new decorative concrete system, you probably will want to talk to a few decorative concrete contractors who will look at your space, and give you some insight as to what is expected and how much their systems will cost depending on what you have in mind.It is common to get approximately three bids when looking to choose someone, and not always does price make or break the deal.It is important to get as much information up front to assist with a smooth installation. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask your contractor before you hire him.Make sure you feel comfortable with his answers and that he has answered them to your satisfaction before signing on the dotted line.

1. What type of system would be recommended for my particular application? Why?
2. What are the steps taken to achieve this system?
3. How does this system compare to others?
4. What are the benefits of this system?
5. What are the cons to this system?
6. Will an on site sample be installed and approved before work begins?
7. How many days are going to be needed to do the job?
8. Will the system be installed all at once or in sections? Is uninterrupted access to the area necessary?
9. Are the products you use safe to use around people and pets?
10. What steps if any do I (the customer) need to take to take in order to prepare the area for a decorative concrete system?
11. What type of amenities will you need for a successful project? Water access? Certain lighting? Special electrical needs? Special ventilation requirements? Access for equipment, deliveries etc.
12. How long after the installation is complete can I:

* a. Walk on the surface?
* b. Move items back onto the surface?
* c. Apply maintenance products or clean the surface?

8. How can I protect the decorative concrete system from being damaged before, after installation, and during other construction? What is the recommended method to protect the surface for the system installed?
9. Will I be given a copy of any maintenance instructions for this system when complete?
10. How long is the warranty against faulty products or workmanship?
11. What are the payment terms?
12. Can I have a copy of the following before proceeding?

* a. Copy of a detailed proposal stating work to be done, payment terms, start and finish date etc.
* b. Copy of business license and workers compensation insurance
* c. Copy of warranty if any
* d. Testimonials of past customers, and pictures and / or a list of jobs completed to date to go look at.
* e. Business card with company contact information


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