What Are the Primary Benefits of a Cantilevered Pool Deck Edge?

Having a new in-ground swimming pool, whether for recreation or exercise, is exciting. However, the finishing touches are what complete the overall aesthetic. For finishing, coping plays a critical role. Contractors and pool builders use coping to cap the wall of the pool shell. While there are a number of coping options, because of its many benefits, you should seriously consider a cantilevered pool deck edge.

Along with the type of swimming pool, accessories, coordinating patio, and so on, you have an important decision to make specific to the pool coping. With a cantilevered pool deck edge, the entire perimeter of the pool is bordered. This creates a seamless finished look based on your personal design preference.

Due to the way that a cantilevered pool deck edge transforms the overall pool area and patio, appearance is one of the main benefits. After the project is complete, your pool and patio will look amazing. You will quickly discover that this type of pool deck coping gives the entire area character and personality.


Another benefit of a cantilevered pool deck edge is that it works perfectly with a fiberglass pool and connecting patio. For a long time, contractors and pool builders installed coping by pouring a concrete deck up to the pool’s lip, which was not visually pleasing. With a cantilevered pool deck edge, the concrete is poured over the lip. As a result, the look is seamless and far more appealing.

Finally, a cantilevered pool deck edge coordinates well with any stamped concrete patio. Regardless if your patio is stamped to look like Roman cobble, old world ashler, Italian slate, random stone, or something else, you can choose a pool deck form that works best. Ultimately, your backyard will become a place where family and friends love to congregate.