Pre Cast vs Pour in Place Concrete Countertops

To pour or not to pour ‘in place’ that is the question?

To difference between a pre-cast concrete countertop vs a cast in place concrete countertop is quite simple.

Pre-Cast: A concrete countertop that has been manufactured off site and transported as a finished product to then be placed and installed.

Cast in place: A concrete countertop that is formed, poured, and finished on its ultimate resting place on the job site.

When deciding on the way to manufacturer or create a concrete countertop, whether its a diy concrete countertop or a professional installation, the questions remains, do you pour the concrete in place or pre cast it to be installed and brought to the site later?

Really there is no perfect answer. It all depends on the type of countertop, size, scope, complexity and distance to the job site.

If a concrete countertop, or concrete vanity were to be made for a smaller sized project the answer might be a little easier. You could simply cast the countertop off site and easily transport it to the installation site to be placed.

If the concrete counter is big and heavy and requires a lot of concrete it may be more suitable to cast in on site and do the finishing work in place.