Pool Decks: Why Concrete is the Best Surface Choice

When it comes to pool decks, there are so many options – almost too many to name… What size deck do you want built? Where will it look best in your yard? What type of material is optimal for your climate? Have you considered safetly regulations and building codes yet? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t. Take deck construction one step at a time (and, of course, keep clicking around Concrete Ideas for more tips!).

Sure, we’re huge fans of concrete here and would recommend concrete over any other decking material, so we contacted a deck expert for his take on the subject matter. This is what we found out: "If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor entertaining this summer, you might want to consider a concrete pool deck for longevity and ease of maintenance, especially if you want to extend your pool deck to include an outdoor kitchen, a built-in barbecue or fire pit. These items could be dangerous on a wood deck," says Dick Krack, owner of Sundek of Washington in D.C. Another reason to choose cement as your decking material is that it typically stays cooler than dark wood, and you won’t get splinters!

See? We were right all along (you should consult us more often…).

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