Elite Crete Polyaspartic

Polyaspartic coatings more than just a garage floor coating

Much more than a Garage Coating!  While many manufacturers focus solely on the garage floor market, Elite Crete Systems offers one of the most versatile concrete floor coating systems available to contractors.

Leading coating contractors around the US and Canada are utilizing all the benefits the polyaspartic polyurea coating has to offer.  Due to the obvious performance benefits of the fast cure times, improved abrasion and chemical resistance, high flexibility, UV stability, and terrific gloss retention, contractors are discovering the additional benefits of the ease of installation and a wide range of installation temperatures and environments.

While color flake systems have been around for years, now contractors can install an industrial performing garage coating in less than one day.  Today’s fuel prices make the benefit of a one-day coating system quite apparent.  While we all know that time is money, time spent traveling to finish up projects is …lots of money!  After being in the coating industry for years, Elite Crete Systems’ focus is to provide contractors with a user friendly, dependable coating system that they can install with consistency and be assured they are paid for their efforts every day.  Not only are polyaspartic polyurea systems durable, but they are incredibly versatile.  With the Elite Crete System, the same polyaspartic polyurea is used for the prime coat, the body coat, and the final clear seal coat – further simplifying any inventory issues that some multiple component systems offer.  Polyaspartic is used for color flake systems in garages, driveways, patios, and is used commercially for restaurants, schools, warehouses, and office spaces.

The same procedures are used with the Elite Crete Systems polyaspartic polyurea to install decorative quartz broadcast systems.  Quartz is incredibly durable and very attractive.   When tough, durable, slip resistant concrete coverings are required, the quartz system is another easy to apply one-day coating option. Polyaspartic polyureas are terrific sealers for stained concrete and decorative overlayments.  Contractors are using Polyaspartic  as a clear sealer over old, faded stamped concrete to rejuvenate the original concrete staining.  While acrylic sealers are attractive when first installed, they quickly wear and lose their protective abilities.  Polyaspartic sealers wear longer, retain their gloss, are more chemical resistance, and more importantly, they are UV stable.

Two coats of clear polyaspartic sealer not only provides an incredible shine, but offers that depth of coating normally only found with highly polished concrete surfaces. Polyureas have been known for years for their industrial applications, so it’s not surprising that the Elite Crete System is well suited for industrial applications such as warehouses, airplane hangers, and parking garages.  Again, the speed and ease with which the contractor can install this system greatly benefits all the project participants – Owners get their facilities returned to service very quickly, while contractors reduce the amount of time on the project which means more time for more projects.   Polyaspartic polyurea coatings are seamless, antimicrobial, waterproof, and highly chemical resistant.  They can be formulated to be fire retardant, glow in the dark, installed in freezing temperatures.  Some artistic contractors are using metallic pigments to provide incredibly colorful works.

Elite Crete System’s Coatings  are a tremendously versatile polyaspartic polyurea floor coating option, but let us warn you, please contact your supplier for technical support before you begin a new project – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  While the system is very easy to install, it’s not a Do It Yourselfer Product.