Painting a Concrete Floor

Pulling up your polyfoam padding and carpet will expose your naked concrete floors, begging for something more meaningful than virtually lifeless wood or carpet.  After staring down your now barren concrete slabs, perhaps you’ve mulled over painting concrete floors to accent furniture, special wall coverings or simply because you can.  Subflooring, as industry experts will refer to your concrete, has more potential than you’re giving it credit for.

Deplorable basement concrete often gets overlooked because, well, it’s the basement – who really cares what nobody else sees?  Painting concrete floors is an art, perhaps your chance to visually transform the surface of the murky underworld where your wash machine sits.

How Painting Solves Floor Issues

Aside from mere pictorial issues, home owners choose to paint their concrete floors to ameliorate minor scuffs and stains which may cause health issues if left alone.  Of course, investing the time to find concrete painting contractors and money it will cost to complete the job usually means your transformation reasons are probably more visually related.

Numerous floor problems with garages force home owners to mull over painting options, mainly involving old oil stains, slippery surfaces or chemical spills.  Interior decorations purchased over the years may need better floor presentation to emanate their beauty.  The list of motivating factors why commercial property investors or home owners will opt for painting concrete floors are as endless as the possibilities which reside within each concrete floor.

Design Concepts Are Endless

Imagine giving your child a giant coloring book with endless crayons.  Now, stretch your imagine to a 16’ x 16’ blank concrete slab with nothing stopping your from putting shapes, figures or color combinations atop it.  You can hand subcontractors endless stencils, request numerous colors and watch your bored looking concrete floors transform into your favorite sports team, hobby or family crest – all while solving slip, stain and discoloration issues.

Painting concrete floors, although not exactly a ‘revolutionary’ concept, has definitely improved dramatically in product offerings over the past decade alone, giving home owners of all budget levels the unique opportunity to personalize, seal and protect their garage, home, and exterior floors with various paints for all weather conditions while bringing countertops, walls and interior floor areas to life with painting solutions that allow home owners to match their floors to whatever they choose.