One Day Floors Polyaspartic Flooring

One Day Floors Quick Install Polyaspartic Flooring

One Day Floors is a commercial grade polyaspartic flooring system with a quick installation time of just one day, and allowing foot traffic in just one hour! It provides an extremely durable, crystal clear polyaspartic surface that can be installed in any temperature and without humidity restrictions. One Day Floors do not support bacterial growth and are highly resistant to stains, fats, oils and chemicals.

One Day Floor systems offer all these advantages along with the added benefit of quick installation, meaning a faster return to service time than either epoxy or urethane systems. There’s no need to shut down your business to get the new flooring you need.

The Stamp Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the One Day Floors headquarters, contact them today to learn more about this unique system that will give you durable, attractive flooring in just one day.