Why You Should Offer Specialty Concrete Products

As a contractor, it is your job to provide the best options for customers requiring concrete flooring or other products. Concrete flooring systems are known for their durability, affordability, ease of maintenance, but if you are not offering specialty concrete products, you are missing the potential for huge moneymaking opportunities.

Specialty concrete products provide a number of unique design and finishing options, allowing your clients to have more creativity than ever before. Here are just a few of the decorative concrete products that you should be offering to your clients.

When you need a flooring product that provides fast drying times, SS Polyaspartic products are a great solution. They provide exceptionally fast flooring installation that allows for next day return to service. These specialty concrete products provide numerous high performance coloring options using Color Quartz and chip colors. Clients can also choose to incorporate unique graphics or logos into the flooring to provide even more visual appeal.

Stenciling is a must have option for any decorative concrete business. Paper stencils can be used on existing concrete, or over fresh slabs to create the look of tiling, stone, brick, or slate. There are also custom stencil options that allow your customers to include their own designs and images in their flooring to provide an all-over cohesive look for their business.

Vertical concrete products are essential for creating unique designs in both commercial and residential projects. This SS Vertical System provides a lightweight mix, colorants, and design tools that allow you to create unique walls and other vertical options. This system allows for stamping and other textures that are typically available in flatwork to completely transform dry wall, brick, paneling, stone, or wall board.

Kitchen remodels demand either the enCOUNTER system, or the EZ Top system. The encounter system provides the strongest mix available for countertops, and it can be used with pre-cast or cast-in-place applications. The resulting countertops will not shrink or crack, providing a durable option for kitchen countertops.

The EZ Top system is a resurfacing system that works with nearly every existing countertop material. This specialty concrete product provides a budget friendly alternative for resurfacing existing countertops without having to resort to tear outs. This countertop system allows for unique designs that allow customers to choose the best solutions for their current needs.

Specialty concrete products provide unique, yet cost effective options for commercial and residential clients, making them a requirement for all concrete projects.