Moisture issues in Concrete – Problems and Resolutions

Moisture problems have increased for a number of reasons:


¨Curing and sealing of concrete; September of 1999 new VOC laws changed both formats and application methods and more than ten years later most do not understand the methods.


¨Fast track construction also really began over the past 20 years.  “Time is of the essence” is written in contract documents which put everyone under a certain time frame and general contractors in a bad mood.


¨Lightweight aggregates and aggregates that absorb moisture are being used.


¨Tighter time frames of building construction.


¨EPA restrictions on land results in some buildings being built on marginal land.


¨Changes in concrete mix designs including the use of both slag and fly-ash results in slower cure times.  Set retardants and admixtures also have contributed to these issues.


¨Failure of tradesmen to stay abreast of new emerging trends.


The previous has also contributed to moisture vapor transmission problems.   Read entire aticle

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