polishing concrete floors

Maintenance free flooring for Toronto retailers

Retailers face enormous challenges when it comes to maintaining their floors. Unsightly stains, traffic patterns and dullness lead to unattractive floors.

Polished concrete solves every retail flooring challenge.
Toronto retail store flooring has to be tough and stand up to snow, ice and mud. Moisture is the enemy of every flooring solution, except polished concrete. Polished concrete is water resistant and cleans up with just a damp mop. This ease of maintenance reduces the cost of operations, both in man hours and materials. A properly polished concrete floor provides years of low maintenance service. It is also resistant to stains and traffic patterns. The same characteristics that reduce vulnerability to moisture also protects against stains. The durable, finely ground surface of polished concrete resists the dulling and wear patterns created by thousands of customers and workers. Any dulling that occurs over the life of the floor can easily be restored with a few laps using the same grinder that crafted the original floors. No waxing or chemical treatments are ever needed.
Adaptive Concrete Polishing provides high quality floors for Toronto’s retail businesses. Their expertise will minimize cost, downtime and inconvenience while resulting in a floor that will give years of faithful service.